Your Memories are Your History (Daily Word Prompt is Treasure)

My three children are my greatest blessings I will love, cherish and treasure forever and always. My children are 24, 22 and 16 years old now and obviously have changed over the years since they were born.

I remember many happy days and moments of my life with my children that have passed and have become only memories now.

I think about my children during their many different ages and stages of their lives and I miss them and who they were at those times of their lives. I want to visit and be with their younger selves at all of their younger ages and years of their lives. It would be so precious and fun to see and visit them at those ages again for just a little while.

We can’t travel back in time on a time machine, but I would love to travel back in time to many of my happy moments and memories during my lifetime.

It is amazing to think about peoples knowledge, history and amazing stories of their lives that are lost forever and none of us will ever be fortunate to know them.

The greatest treasure we all have are our memories. The memories we cherish in our hearts and minds are only ours and only ours to see the way we remember them. Everyone remembers and recalls past events in their own unique ways picking up different bits and pieces of the same event.

Once we pass and leave this earth the precious memories that we cherish so much are gone from this earth forever.

We should all tell our memories to our loved ones so that they will know our memories, stories and histories of our pasts.

Try to preserve life and memories by sharing cherished memories and stories with younger generations so our lives will be known and remembered by our grandchildren and future generations. Share your memories and ideas by writing them down, illustrating them and taking as many pictures as possible of favorite events because they will soon become only memories.

Memories are the greatest treasures of our lifetimes and need to be shared so they may continue on for others to know and remember for generations to come.

The greatest treasure anyone has are memories.

Hold onto them in anyway you can.

Your memories are your own history to be recorded somehow and anyway possible.

Treasure your memories forever.




  1. Thank you for the kind comments!!! I appreciate them!!!! Yes memories are one of our greatest treasures. I do home health care and work with this beautiful woman that has ALS and she teaches me so much about life and living! I love her and adore her!


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