Let it Snow With Beauty and Angels Inside and Out

Sorry I have been so slow to post this. I took this beautiful Winter picture last Sunday morning.

When I woke up Sunday morning my mind was full of unhappy thoughts mostly caused from the huge and hurtful disagreement I had with my daughter over the weekend. We hadn’t talked about what was said and what happened yet, so I was still upset over it. My heart ached and I still felt sad about it.

Every morning after I climb out of my bed, one of the very first things I do is open my blinds. When I carefully pulled the little cord down and opened up the blind, what to my wondering eyes should appear but big beautiful snowflakes floating from the sky and filling the air with a beautiful white lightness.

God painted a masterpiece of a Winter Wonderland moment outside for our very first snowfall in La Crosse, Wisconsin that morning. He painted the outside with the kind of snow that sticks to the trees and everything the snow touches as it falls from the sky. It was absolutely beautiful and stunning. What a beautiful artist God is. Thank you God.

As always I feel that God did that and made it snow just for me. He knew my heart was still sad and hurt from my disagreement with my daughter so he painted the outside with a beautiful snowy landscape for me to wake up to in the morning.

I was so happy to see the large glistening light snowflakes free falling from the sky. They were so beautiful and snow always makes me so happy. I love snow as I feel it is pure. angelic like and relaxing to me as it slowly falls from the sky.

I was alone downstairs but was running around excitedly delighted with glee singing sounds of joy as I opened all of my blinds and looked outside at the beautiful pure white snow as it fell from God’s hands as He gently and elegantly threw the beautiful snowflakes out of the sky to me for me to see that morning knowing how happy it would make me feel to see all of that beauty. The beauty of the snowflakes and God  helped me to forget my sadness making it evaporate it into the air with the beautiful angelic snowflakes.

After my beautiful daughter Alexia woke up she said she wanted to talk to me. We both had a very positive and educational thorough love filled conversation full of apologies and  understanding between a mom and a mature sixteen year old daughter who both love and need each other immensely.

Everything happens for a reason and each little spat we have requires us to talk more causing us to learn more about each other and learn more about life and especially to love each other even more than we did before.

I wrote this post to show everyone the beauty of Wisconsin during the Winter and also to let everyone know that had read an earlier post of mine with this link that everything is great and is even better between Alexia and I now than it was before. (The title of the post and link are at end of this post as well, if you would like to see it and read it).

God always has a plan and there is always a reason for everything. We learn from our mistakes and everything happens for a reason. Every minute of everyday is a new and exciting lesson of love and beauty and education for each one of us. Thank you God for my life and love and blessings. I am so blessed. I praise you God for everything in my life. I am so blessed by your grace and mercy for me.

Thank you God for the beautiful first snowfall and turning my Sunday into a perfect beautiful Winter Wonderland of snow and snowflakes outside and inside a beautiful angelic Alexia angel daughter you blessed me with to love and adore and to be so proud of forever and always.




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