Living With Mental Illness is…

Living with mental illness is

like watching the sunrise

through a dirty window.

Living on psychotropic medications is

like trying to to go to work

right after waking up from anesthesia.

D o P e D   UP


supposed to


a n y w a y.

Living with anxiety feels

like your insides are vibrating

                                          and you having static electricity on your sweater

but there is no sweater

like fingernails on a chalkboard

but there aren’t any chalkboards.

~written by Susan Walz


But don’t forget…

Recovery is possible.



Okay. Now it’s your turn…

Just for fun.

Please add your own thoughts…

It will be so interesting and fun to hear your responses.

If I get enough participation, I will compile your responses and create a new poem with your perspectives and insights and post them on my blog.

What is living with mental illness like for you?

What is living on psychotropic medications like?

What is living with anxiety like?

Please give it a try and add your answers to my comments.

Thank you. so much.

Photo credit: Top Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Happy September everyone.

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  1. I really liked this. I’d say more but I haven’t been feeling especially loquacious lately. I guess I just wanted to say this post had an impact on my day.

    What is living with mental illness like for you? I think it’s like living on a leash tied to a stake and any time I try to go to far in any direction that is outside of its radius I’m reminded of my unavoidable limitations.

    What is living on psychotropic medications like? It’s like…being strapped to an inflated life vest. It is really uncomfortable and impedes movement in a lot of ways. It is only valuable in certain scenarios and a major setback in others (imagine wearing a life vest during a job interview or a family function) but it’s a necessary evil and I have to live with how poorly fitted it is to 80 percent of my life.

    What is living with anxiety like? Like living with a stress and guilt accountant who tallies up and tracks everything that is going wrong, why it is my fault, and forecasts how bad it will be for my bottom line.

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    1. I’m happy my words impacted your day hopefully in a positive way. Thank you for participating. I loved your replies and perspectives. I can relate to your responses too…. Being strapped and unable to break free… just a little but not too far and not completely free… excellent. I love the life vest as well. The meds can be life savers but impede your ability to live fully. Excellent again. We never get to take the life vest off whether we need it or not…. I agree anxiety keeps track of everything and does not let it go until the anxiety leaves us. Been there and felt it all. It is so great to hear others put the pain of mental illness into words. Thank you. I hope you are well. Much love, Sue


  2. For me, it feels like I can lose control at any time and I never know when it will happen, it gives so much uncertainty. I’m lucky that I have zero side effects from my medication, but they also don’t work perfectly, but they take the edge of at least.

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    1. I’m happy the medications help you. I was one of those people that medications caused severe side effects and adverse reactions and never effectively helped me. I do much better not taking any psychotropic medications. I feel so much better and am doing well for over a year and a half med. free. Best of luck to you. Keep fighting bravely, Much love always.


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