When You Wish Upon a Star..

My memoir is complete. Finally. All done. After about ten years of thinking about it, two years working on it on and off and the last two and half months writing and working diligently, almost nonstop, I am done. I have proofread and edited it as much as I could. I did not pay to have it professionally edited, but I bought a program called Autocrit which helped me a lot. The next step is praying I find an agent.

Right now, I am in the process of trying to write the best darn query letter I can. My book depends on it. A query letter is a one page–300 words or less letter I send to literary agents trying my best to sell my story and win them over with my words. Prayerfully, after reading my query letter an agent will request to read the rest of my complete manuscript and will then find a publisher to turn my story into a book–my memoir.

My mission is to somehow squeeze my 66,000+ word book into approximately 300 words or less. It must be short and sweet but filled with brilliant, eye-catching and heart grabbing words and points. I must pray, pray, pray and pray some more.

Now that I finished writing my memoir doubt has been visiting. The insecurity, the fear, the wonder if I’m being silly and this is just a pipe dream. Am I a good enough writer? Is my story interesting, entertaining yet educational and is it inspirational? Did I tell the story God wrote for my life in the best way possible? Did I tell it well enough to capture the reader’s interest and heart?

Can my dream come true? Will I find an agent, and will a publisher want to turn my story of my life into a book? I pray it will happen. All I can do now is pray, first that an agent will like it well enough to take it on and then a publisher will see the promise in its readability and sell ability. I dream my book will be the kind of story a reader can’t put down and when people finish reading it, they will smile because my words filled their hearts with joy and inspired them to see how beautiful life is and to realize anything is possible.

Please pray that my dream will come true. I can only try. I know many people self-publish and pay others to help them turn their story into a book, but I am dreaming of more…

First, I want to see if it is possible to publish my book the old-fashioned way. I must try. I must write the best query letter that will sell my book. I wrote one query letter but am working on improving it and am now looking for agents to send my query letter to. I sent my query letter to two so far but have a long way to go on that step. That is the next step of the process of making my dreams come true. Even though the self-doubt is there, it is not in any way deterring my goal. My self-doubt is just another fog to clear up and another hurdle to jump over.

Like Maya Angelou said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” It has been therapeutic to travel back through time and reliving some moments of my life has been very healing and freeing. I pray I told God’s tale of my life well enough. I hope I have been a good enough pen for my words. I pray I found, combined and arranged a beautiful collection of words to tell my story in the most effective manner.

Thank you for reading. It is good to be back. I will have more time to write on my blog again. I have many ideas and thoughts to write about. As always, my life continues to transform and blossom. God has blessed me abundantly. I pray your cup of life is overflowing with blessings as well.

Much love and hugs,


“When you wish Upon a Star…

you pray.”

~Susan Walz

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  1. Well done and congratulations. What a fantastic goal to achieve. I hope you find an agent soon. There are always options to self publish online if you want to look into that too. Good luck.

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