Today is National Cat Day

Today is October 29, 2018 and it is…

National Cat Day

I am a cat mom of two…

So, in honor of today being National Cat Day, I rewrote and revised a post I wrote about year and a half ago. I hope you like it.

Good Morning Cats

I woke up at my normal waking time, but soon remembered I could sleep in longer this morning. While I was still in bed, I rolled on my side, smiled, bent my knees up as close as I could to my chest and gave myself a big hug while snuggling up under my soft and fluffy patchwork quilt.

Peacefully, I relaxed with comforting thoughts of how wonderful it was to finally be able sleep late after having to wake up early every morning for over a month straight. Plus, I have been having many sleepless nights and restless slumbers. This will be a fantastic opportunity to catch up on my much-needed sleep.

My quilt created a soft thick warm heaviness almost like a weighted blanket that envelops me and creates a calm relaxing sensation over my body as I soon fall fast asleep. Then I am startled awake to the razor-sharp piercing needle like poke stabbing me deep into the the top of my big toe. I sprang straight up to a sitting position wondering what in the world that was and then I saw the culprit.

There he was just glaring at me with his furry gray smiling face as if to say he was innocent and did nothing wrong. It was my cat Ozzie’s razor-sharp claw that made my big toe ooze red droplets of blood and destroyed my sleep. Ozzie meows seemed to say, “What’s up, Mom? It’s time to wake up.”

Instinctively, I yell, “Ozzie, what are you doing? That was not nice.” My brain awakens enough to realize Ozzie woke me up because it is past his feeding time. It’s time for breakfast. Ozzie’s internal clock did not tell him that his mom did not want to wake up yet as she was sleeping in.

“Ozzie, I am going back to sleep. Do not wake me up, again. I need to sleep.” I scold him as I lay back down and gently close my eyes again hoping to fall back asleep.
Unsure of how much time has passed, I opened my eyes again and what to my wondering eyes should appear but two large wide opened yellow marble eyeballs infiltrating my soul with an intense gaze just three inches from my face. This was quite a surprise and was the last thing I expected to see as I opened my eyes. This time it was Percy and his big beautiful yellow eyes were shining on me and reflecting off his beautiful black shiny fur coat.

My cats must have been plotting and scheming together how to wake me up all morning as it was way past their morning breakfast time. Even though I was enjoying my extra time sleeping in this morning, my cats were not happy as their internal morning alarm clocks have been going off repeatedly inside them. They must have had to hit their internal snooze alarms many times as this was much later than they were used to me waking up and feeding them.

I knew my cats were no match for me. They are too smart and sneaky for me. I must face the truth. My cats are the rulers of my home. They run this place and oversee my house, my bed and their food. Time for me to get up. No more sleeping in for me. Just a lesson for everyone. If you are a cat parent, you may not sleep in for even an extra hour.

As a cat owner I have learned many times that I am the “staff” living in a house run by cats. My cats are in charge and have basically taken over my house, but more importantly they have taken over my heart and for that I am eternally grateful.

Happy National Cat Day 2018


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