Visitor, Tenant, or Resident – A Reblog

I love this comparison to our different types of relationships with God. This is such a great post I needed to share it. I love Beauty For Ashes 24/7 blog. I love her writing style and content. Its about God and nothing is better than that.  I hope you enjoy her post as much as I did. I pray your days are going well and you are having happy, healthy and fabulous days. May your cup of life overflow with blessings. Hugs, Sue

Beauty 4 Ashes 24/7


I am cleaning the house vigorously for our family member to come for a visit this weekend.  Extra laundry, dusting, sweep, beds made up fancily, vacuuming, bathroom cleanings….everything!  I love visitors but the work involved can be overwhelming.

Not so with a resident family member.  After awhile, you get used to the daily messes of dishes, laundry, messy beds, dirty toilets (boys in the home), etc…  You can simply be the real and genuine you without all the fuss of extra cleaning.  Sure, daily maintenance is important, but not all the extra frills that come for visitors and guests.

I’ve seen all three kinds of “Dwellers” through the years.  Maybe four.

First Kind:
These are the people who never come to visit.  Either no relationship at all or else a very distant one by phone or social media.

Second Kind:
Guest or Visitor.  You clean extra special for them.  Hair…

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