Spring “Spiritual” Cleaning – A Reblog

Another great post from Beauty 4 Ashes. I love her take on spring spiritual cleaning. Another beautiful way to look at our relationship with Christ. Happy spring. I think the season is finally really going to begin. I think it might have been our last snow storm… finally. Maybe? I hope so. I believe everyday we should do spiritual cleaning and stay clean, bright, fresh and renewed in faith and Christ’s love.

Beauty 4 Ashes 24/7

spring cleaning

Today is SPRING CLEANING in our household!  I love cleaning.  I love organizing.  I love decorating.

And if you’re one of the special nuts like me that actually enjoy playing house….it’s a day to get excited!

Sadly I haven’t felt much like it these days.  First Trimester of pregnancy is tough.

But now, moving into my Second Trimester officially tomorrow (!!!!!!!) I am feeling more up to cleaning, cooking, and caring for my family in general.  No more useless bump on a log type feelings.

My goal is to clean out and wipe down (even reorganize) all my kitchen cabinets.  Quite a feat since my kitchen is full of cabinetry.

Today got me thinking about the concept of Spiritual Cleaning.

We try our best to clean out our cars, our office desks, or homes….yet we often times overlook our body, our soul, and especially our SPIRIT.

Garbage In….Garbage Out


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