Child Abuse is Not Dr. Seuss – a poem

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

So, I wrote a poem… in honor of our children.

You are much too frigid,

cold, frozen and rigid.

Open your blind eye,

and see why they cry.

Maybe you are the cause

as you never cease to pause

your negative views

of the darkest of hues.

Spewing out hurtful words,

pungent like moldy cheese curds.

Painful, shameful stares,

looks could kill kind of glares.

Your behavior is abuse.

Definitely not Dr. Seuss.

Abuse damages the victims core

causes hurt feelings and wounds that soar.

Childhood abuse interferes with development and growth.

Destroying self esteem and confidence, when they need both.

Never allowed to grow to their fullest potential.

Who gave you the authority? You have no credentials.

Children never deserve to be treated that way.

Saying you didn’t know better, doesn’t make it go away.

Children must be protected, cherished, valued, adored and praised.

Showered with abundant overflowing love is how they should be raised.

~written by Susan Walz

I know you did the best you could.

Doing as you thought you should.

I forgive you and love you beyond measure,

and have many happy memories I will always treasure.

Love, me – Sue  oxoxox….



© 2018 by Susan Walz All Rights Reserved.



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