Appreciate those “Aaahhh” Moments in Life (Daily Word Prompt is Bottle)

I woke up this morning feeling at peace as I woke up

in my very own bed,

in my very own bedroom,

in my very own house,

feeling happy knowing my daughter

was peacefully asleep upstairs

in her very own bed,

in her very own bedroom,

in our very own house,

and there were no strangers in our house when I woke up,

that I would later have to see, face and greet,

while we stood and waited in a very long line at a designated time to get our breakfast.

I did not have to wake up in a homeless shelter at the Salvation Army this morning,

like my youngest daughter and I had to do about ten years ago for over three months,while I had a severely fractured ankle.

Most people do not appreciate what they have, until it is gone.

That was true for myself, as well,

However, since I have faced many struggles and lost so much over the past twenty-five years of my life,

I appreciate my every breath of life and everything I have, much more than I ever did before.

I know how everything can be taken away in a heartbeat

and that nothing in life should ever be taken for granted.

One very small example is when it is time for my break after working four hours.

I am very happy for my break and can hardly wait to buy myself a well deserved treat.

After I put my money into the vending machine, my well deserved treat plops down making the most beautiful thumping sound I have ever heard.

I grab my nice beautiful perfect bottle of Diet Pepsi from the bottom of the vending machine, turn the cap and hear that whoosh sound the bottles makes as I open it.

As I take the cap off my bottle of Diet Pepsi, I eagerly anticipate that first nice cold refreshing drink and thoroughly enjoy every​ drink as it quenches my thirst.

It tastes so good to me and gives me that beautiful “aaaahhh…” moment I had been waiting for.

Even though I lost a lot because of my bipolar disorder, sometimes I think and feel like I have gained so much more than I ever could have before, so much more on a simpler, deeper and more spiritual level.

I appreciate waking up in the morning.

I appreciate when I can crawl out of bed.

I appreciate when I can take a shower.

I appreciate greatly that I am well enough to finally be able to work again, even at a part-time job as that is a huge accomplishment compared to twenty years ago.

I appreciate when I have money to buy food to make a good meal.

I appreciate that I am alive and that I have survived death.

I appreciate my children and my many other blessings in my life.

I appreciate dreams, hope, faith, love, life and most importantly God.

I appreciate that I woke up this morning feeling at peace as I woke up

in my very own bed

in my very own bedroom

in my very own house….

and I look forward to many more “aaahhhh…” moments in my life.

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  1. very nice, such a gratitude🙂 I do it too, still not enough… my mind leads me away to all those things which could be better but in the end, when I stop that instant wishing, i’m grateful 🙂

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      1. you know, if I don’t forget, every evening when i’m in my bed I thank for the room I’m in and the cover on my bed and the walls keeping everything in😁 And I know it doesn’t happen often in our societies 🙂

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      2. No I am sure it doesn’t. We all take thanks for granted until we truly lose what have and love and sometimes people are just appreciative because they know that God has done everything and everything is only possible because of God so we must thank God for our blessings, for our lives and everything in it. Always!!!

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      3. I’m not religious but I’m spiritual, for me God is the energy, the base of every existance and I’m grateful to whatever it is 🙂

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      4. Usually I’m not sad or negative but I just had a hard day because of Father’s Day and ended up speaking to my father last night. He was abusive​ to me and causes my PTSD to kick in gear which can trigger my bipolar and I am just fighting PTSD from my Dad. I will be ok. I just have to work through it. I have to stay away from my Dad as he is my trigger and is even getting worse as he ages.

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      5. Thank you very much. Writing helps a lot and I distract myself by working part-time and my three children are my greatest blessings and my heart. Unfortunately, I have just learned the hard way after many years that it is healthiest for me to stay away from my father as much as I can. I actually feel sorry for my father. I forgive him, but I can’t forget I guess that is the PTSD. I know he is a very broken man but he just doesn’t realize how broken and sick he is and always has been so he won’t ever get help and know true happiness and love. I feel sorry for him and wish and pray he knows some happiness, true happiness and love…..


      6. You don’t have to forget but if it still wakes up the bad memories then maybe it’s better to avoid the contact. Only broken, unhappy people can abuse or mistreat others. Take care of yourself in the first place! I wish you to come to a state when all bad memories will be like a story read in a book found in a library. And it is possible, believe me😀🍀

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