The Sting May Still Be a Little Tender (Daily Word Prompt is Tender)

The severe pain and heartache caused from my bipolar 1 disorder for over twenty five years, is slowly losing its sting.

The bipolar venom that lives inside my brain, gradually soaked and blended within the rest of me and has now created me to become who I am today.

This poisonous bipolar venom that nearly killed me many times has left me.

I overtook the bipolar snake and its poisonous venom and I won.

My wounds and my battle scars are still there.

Scars that have been permanently tattooed to my skin are always visible to me and sometimes to others.

They are a part of me.

My internal and external battle wounds and scars are signs of my courage and who I am today at this very moment in time. They are a part of me.

They are signs of everything I have encountered and faced and overcame and survived.

The severe pain, hurt and sorrows from my childhood and past are still tender today and sometimes the memories will always sting just a little bit.

As I become stronger and I continue to fight and move forward from my past, the painful memories and trauma of my childhood and adult years are still sometimes tender and a little sore, but, that little sting is nothing compared to the intense pain and everything in my life I have all ready battled, fought, been through and lived through before. I have survived.

My pain does not sting like it used to.

The sting may be a little tender, but tender is a good and positive word.

The pain of my past, caused me to become tender in heart and spirit, showing kindness, gentleness, sympathy, empathy, compassion, understanding, concern and love for others.

Always remember as hard as it is to remember, especially at first, that living with and surviving bipolar disorder and any other mental illnesses can turn into a very positive blessing in your life and the lives of many other people you meet, touching their hearts, influencing them and inspiring them in many positive ways.

Listen to God and make that powerful choice and decision in your life to make a difference.

Make your life count.

Make your life matter because your life does matter.

You matter and you are very valuable and important.

You have a purpose in this beautiful life.

Go live your life and show everyone just how important and special you are.

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