“Make Your Heart Beat Again” with video of interview and song – favoroite song

On July 9, 2008, Danny Gokey auditioned for American Idol four weeks after his wife died from complications after her third heart surgery to treat her congenital heart disease. What strength and courage that must have taken. He made it to 3rd place on Season 8 of American Idol. He now has a successful career as a christian singer. The couple had been together for 12 years, and Gokey credited his wife, Sophia, for his success.

Please watch and listen to this inspiring and heartfelt video. The first part of the video is with Danny speaking about why this song “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” has such a special meaning to him and that we need to have a relationship with God and listen to God throughout our lives.

His interview is followed up by the most beautiful and inspiring song I have heard for a very long time. I love it and it brings tears to my eyes, of course, as I am a very sensitive and emotional person. Plus, the words are perfect, meaningful and inspiring to me, as well. I think this is my new favorite song!

Tell Your Heart to Beat Again

Summary of Danny’s Interview

I summarized parts of Danny’s interview with some of it being his direct quotes or close to his quotes from his interview and some of the words are mine and/or my interpretation of his interview.

“When I first heard this song “Tell your Heart to Beat Again,” it had a such an amazing impact on my heart, not only because of the lyrical content but when I heard the story behind it, it really changed the way I looked at this song.

There was a Pastor in Ohio who had a heart surgeon that went to his church. The Pastor had always wanted to see a heart surgery take place.”

So on the day of the heart surgery, they rolled the patient into the operating room and they cut her chest cavity open, took her heart out of her chest cavity and they repaired her heart.

The heart had been repaired, but they have to restart the heart again before they can close the chest cavity.

As they performed the procedure to restart her heart again, the heart would not start.

“So, the doctor got down on his knees and said, ‘Mrs.Johnson this is your doctor, and we have fixed your heart. We have repaired your heart and there is nothing wrong with your heart. Mrs. Johnson if you can hear me, I need you to tell your heart to beat again.

and her heart began to beat again.”

“God is our great physician and He has fixed your heart and my heart again.

Sometimes we let the voice of the enemy whisper louder than the voice of our father.”

Sometimes those voices tell us that we will never recover again and that we will never forget the struggles, trauma and tragedies we have faced during our lives.

Sometimes we feel like we can never forgive people or a situation again, but you can and you will recover again.

“You have to come in agreement with God.”

You can forget your past and you can forgive again.

You can get back up again and you can move forward further than you ever have before.

When you begin walking and moving forward with the journey of your life again, you do not have to walk with a limp.

Start to believe and trust again.

Find hope.

Have faith and love.

Love yourself and love others.

There is so much beauty and joy in just loving and helping others.

Look at all of the amazing things the Lord has done in our lives.

Think about all the blessings you have that have come from our father.

He wants you to hope again.

He wants you to hope and believe again.

Our father wants you to have your heart beat again.

Make your heart beat again.

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Video was published on Dec 29, 2015

Danny Gokey’s newest single off of his latest album ‘Hope In Front Of Me’.

Help spread this message of hope by purchasing, sharing and gifting this song or album on iTunes or Amazon.

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