Symbiosis is a Beautiful Word (Daily Word Prompt is Symbiosis)

Symbiosis is a beautiful word.

Without symbiosis life could not continue.

When a baby is born,

the newborn is completely dependent

on the mother

for survival.

When my three precious babies were born,

they were completely dependent

on me,

their mother

for their survival.

When my three precious babies

continued growing into

beautiful young people,

my bipolar disorder

continued growing,

symptoms increasing and becoming painfully

and dangerously worse in severity.

My survival was

and is dependent on my children.

My children

give me the hope

and determination

to continue to fight

through the severe pain

of my bipolar disorder.

During the severe

pain of suicidal depression,

I fight

to live,

I find

the hope,

the desire,

the spark,

the will

and the reason

to continue

to live


the love

I have

for my

three children.

My children


the reason

I am

alive today.

Symbiosis is a beautiful word.



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