Purple is So Many Things (Daily Word Prompt is Purple)

Purple is so many things.

Purple is my favorite color.

Vibrant purple, gold and white are the colors of

my favorite NFL Football team the Minnesota Vikings.

Purple is a secondary color

made from combining the primary colors of red and blue.

Purple is the most beautiful and wonderful color in the rainbow,

and is such a beautiful color that God makes purple appear in the rainbow twice.

Indigo and violet are displayed magnificently in the sky

each time God paints a rainbow.

Purple reminds me of my

favorite singer Prince

and the color of the purple rain.

Purple is the color of lilacs that will soon fill the trees

with a magnificent vision and fragrance of beauty.

Grayish purple was the color of lint I removed from my dryer lint trap this morning.

Brilliant shades of purple are the colors I see

each time I look up from my computer

and see the beautiful arrangement of flowers

my mother sent me,

after my ankle surgery.

A deep dark purple has settled in the bottom of my foot

from my slightly swollen ankle

from the surgery

I had over a week ago.

Purple is the color of our veins

showing our heart is pumping our blood to and from our vital organs

so we can continue to live this beautiful life on earth.

Purple was the color I saw for years

on the large purple vein,

staring and glaring at me,

protruding out

from the crease and fold in my left arm,

that has now turned into a deep hole

from the years of self injurious cutting behavior.

Each time I used my scissors to cut deeper into my skin,

making it bleed,

and distract me,

and relieve me

temporarily from my severe internal mental pain

caused from the severe symptoms and pain from my bipolar disorder.

Bright purple is the color of matching hospital scrubs

 we all had to wear as imprisoned inpatients

inside the psychiatric hospital

where I used to have to live

way too often.

Praise God.

I am blessed

to not have to live there,

right now.



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