Improve Your Perfection (Daily Word Prompt is Craft)

The above artwork of the little boy was drawn by Susan Walz (me). I used graphite pencils to create this illustration. (This copy created a light shadow on the top of his left eye for some reason. Sorry about that).

“We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.”

— Ernest Hemingway, The Wild Years

Perfecting your craft is a never ending task.

Nothing can ever be perfect. Perfection does not exist. We can always get better. There is always more to learn and many ways to improve ourselves and our lives.

An artist completes her artwork, but always feels later that maybe she could have improved her artwork and done something a little better by drawing and shading a little boy’s mouth a little differently and fixing the shape of the right eye.

A writer continues to proof read and then proof read again showing the editing process is never quite complete. The wording could always be improved in some way by maybe tweaking something a little here or there.

Achieving an A+ for a grade does not mean perfection, it only means that you achieved the best you could on that particular assignment and met all of the teacher’s objectives for that assignment, project or test. It shows you are good student applying yourself to the best of your abilities at that time and now you need to move on and continue to learn more in this vast world of knowledge and life experiences.

Perfecting yourself is a never ending life project.

Perfection is an imperfection.

Imperfections are uniquely beautiful.




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