Who are you Rooting Tooting for?

It is Super Bowl Sunday!!! Yahoo!

Who are you picking and rooting and cheering loudly  for?

I am picking and rooting and cheering loudly for the Atlanta Falcons. Go Falcons!

C’mom Atlanta Falcons beat those darn Patriots!!! They cannot win again. They have enough trophies. Enough is enough!

Go Atlanta Falcons! Go Matt Ryan and Julio Jones! They are my favorite players on the Falcons.

As ridiculous as I am… I all ready have the Super Bowl pre-game on….. it is Super Bowl Sunday after all and I love my FOOTBALL and everything about it.

Let’s be honest I love the men (I mean football players) and some of them are very beautiful? Oh bestow my beating heart!!!

Also, someone amazing always sings a beautiful and memorable rendition of the National Anthem.

Lady Gaga is performing during half-time. Her performance will be outstanding. I am pretty confident of that. I heard it is going to light up the sky as she is using several hundred drones forming different shapes as they hover above Houston’s Stadium and she is also somehow flying in from above the stadium for her grand entrance. I love Lady Gaga as she is very amazingly talented always performing her best and putting on a great show.

Of course, you cannot forget the commercials. This year I think they have some great ones planned and I am looking forward to seeing them.

You can’t forget the Super Bowl parties. I am having a big Superbowl party…

with me, myself and I and my two cats and maybe my youngest daughter Alexia if she can get off from her job at Culvers. She is not feeling well after her long full day starting at meeting the Show Choir bus at 6:00 a.m. and going all day. It is always a tradition for the Show Choirs to eat at Perkins, even though we all got back from the buses at 2:00 a.m. She finally climbed into bed and went to sleep at 4:00 a.m.

Now let’s play some football and…

the ATLANTA FALCONS are going to beat the New England Patriots TONIGHT during Super Bowl LI (51).

Go Falcons!

Please leave me a comment and tell me who you are rooting for. I am curious who everyone is choosing.Thank you!

Have a great day and have fun watching the Super Bowl.!

It is going to be a great game!


The Super Bowl is over!

What a horrible ending to a great game. 

How could that happen? How could the Falcons lose after having such a big lead?

I am so sad. My Falcons lost. I had to turn the came off as soon as the Patriots won. I could not watch the celebration at all as I was too sad for my Atlanta Falcons. Boo Hoo!

I guess there is always next year… I must have hope for next year.

I love the Minnesota Vikings! They are my favorite team as I am originally from the Minneapolis area.

The Minnesota Vikings are going to win the Super Bowl next year! Yay!



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