Where is My Filter? (Daily Word Prompt is Filter)

Brewing a pot of coffee without using a filter would cause the spewing out of unwanted gross disgusting coffee that no one would want to drink.

Speaking to others without using a filter would cause the spewing out of unwanted and inappropriate words that no one would want to hear.

Unfortunately, there have been many times during my life that it seemed my filter was missing and I did not use my filter enough.

My missing filter seemed to vanish when I was first diagnosed over 20 years ago and vanished most often when my Bipolar symptoms were most severe and at their worst.

Impulsivity is a symptom of bipolar disorder and may have caused some of my speaking and communicating without using a filter.

Racing rapid thoughts are also a symptom of bipolar disorder. My racing rapid thoughts flying and bouncing around inside my mind may be another reason why I spoke sometimes without using a filter.

With my rapid thoughts flying, bouncing and ricocheting around all over my mind so quickly it was sometimes difficult for me to slow my thoughts down enough so I could pause briefly inside my mind before speaking.

Many times the rapid thoughts inside my mind become verbal communication outside of my mind for the world to hear with my words flying out of my mouth as quickly as they were racing and flying around inside of my mind.

I am not saying it is always a bad thing to speak as quickly as I do, because sometimes I like it. I like it and find it quite entertaining when others speak like I do, like Robin Williams for example. He spoke rapidly using a lot of enthusiasm, animation and jumped around from one subject to another very quickly. I also speak using a lot of enthusiasm, animation and jump around from one subject to the next very quickly.  I am not saying I am funny like him at all, of course, but I can relate to the manner he spoke.

Sometimes when my mind is racing so quickly I also talk too much and too fast and have been trying very hard lately to slow done the rapid rate and frequency of my speech.

It is always polite and kind to listen to others and not interrupt them when they are speaking.

Being a good listener is a very good and positive trait to have.

One of my many goals is to talk a little less and become a better listener.

I can learn much more from listening to others.

Now days the filter inside my mind is in place more often so I do not spurt out inappropriate information or words as quickly or as often as I used to.

Also, my filter in my coffee pot is in place and working, so it will not spurt out gross disgusting coffee anymore and my coffee tastes good.




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