Is My Smart Phone Too Smart For Me? (Daily Word Prompt is Simple)

Two years ago, I was very excited when my youngest daughter and I turned in our old outdated dinosaur Apple Smart Phones for our two brand new Motorola Android Smart Phones. I liked the look and size of the new Android and the capabilities it had as explained to me by the Verizon employee trying hard to sell me a phone.

Also, my oldest daughter has an Android and loves it, so she recommended we get the Android. I listened to her advice as I know she knows much more about Smart phones and many other things about life, as well.

After my purchase of my two new Android Smart Phones, I proudly marched out of the Verizon store carrying my cool Verizon bag in my hand with my two brand new phones inside my bag.

We got the family plan of course, so one phone was for me and the other one was for my now sixteen year old youngest daughter Alexia.

I was ready and eager to go home with my brand new smart phone hoping to become as smart as my smart phone.

A soon as I got home I eagerly took my brilliant new device of technology out of the box and started it up to the best of my abilities. Of course, my abilities were not very good at all and were in fact quite limited.

Having to read the pamphlet and call Verizon many times with questions just to get my phone up and running and ready to perform the basics of my new phone took me a long time.

I realized I was not even remotely close to as smart as my new smart phone.

Meanwhile, my youngest daughter Alexia made her phone become up and running very quickly with no need to read anything or call anyone. I began asking her many questions on how to use use my new smart phone.

My smart daughter Alexia, who is even smarter than her smart phone by the way, became very frustrated with me asking her so many questions. I began disturbing her greatly and she could not understand why I did not know how to make my phone work.

“It is so simple. How do you not know how to do it?” she said with exasperation.

I told her I just don’t know how to make my phone work and it is very difficult for me.

She didn’t seem to understand and was not very sympathetic with me at all, but instead became more and more frustrated each time I begged for help.

“Hey, I was very good with my phone attached to the wall. In fact I was an expert calling and talking and using my phone attached to the wall,” I proudly and sarcastically told her.

I thought that was a good comeback and was proud of my reply.

She did not seem to find my words amusing at all or was completely ignoring me as usual, just like most other young people with their cell phones in their hands.

Oh technology. I love it and what it can do, but dislike it sometimes at the same time.

I miss using my actual voice talking, communicating and visiting with people on the phone, in my home, face to face and anywhere actually. I miss speaking with people using our beautiful voices God gave us to communicate with.


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