Remember in September Post #17. Cracked Not Broken – Kevin Hines

“If I could tell you only one thing. My message would be this:

The world would be a lonely place if you did not exist.”  ~Erin Hanson

Please watch the following video. It is an extremely powerful and awesome video. Please watch this video and listen to the words of Kevin Hines who survived his suicide attempt of jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge…

He is an awesome speaker and I was very fortunate and blessed to have seen him speak in person. I got to meet him and speak to him. I had some art work exhibited at the event that he was speaking at. He even mentioned that one of his favorite pieces of artwork at the show was mine, most likely because it was titled. “I am not Broken,” and those words are similar to the title of his book.

I bought his book which was fascinating, interesting, inspirational and well written. It is amazing that he survived his jump and it is a true miracle. He was saved by God for sure. I read the book and finished reading it in one day. I wanted to read more. His story and book are full of empowering messages of hope, perseverance, resiliency and recovery.

Excerpt from Cracked, Not Broken – Surviving and Thriving After a Suicide Attempt by Kevin Hines.

“…I do not remember my anger the night before, and I certainly do not remember waking up in a violent rage on the day after my arrival. Yet, that was how I began my third psychiatric hospital stay in less than four years. As it turned out, I spent one month and twenty-five days in the hospital, from May 1 to June 25, 2004. This would become the longest of any of my psychiatric hospital stays. It would also prove to be the hardest.

According to reports, when I woke up that second morning, my first full day at the ward, I flipped over my wood-framed bed that weighed probably more than 200 pounds while screaming, “I hate you! I will kill you! You are the enemy!”

After the bed clattered to a standstill, I pounded my fists repeatedly into the solid walls of my room until they were scraped and bloodied. The orderlies, nurses, and security guards came to the door and politely asked me to stop. I apparently said something to the effect of, “Why don’t you come in and make me!”

They obliged my request, however misguided, and entered—three guards, an orderly, and two nurses.

To say the very least, there was a struggle.

Under the power of all six of them, I went down. Many powerful milligrams of Haldol—or its proper name, Haloperidol (an antipsychotic/tranquilizing medication)—were then shot into my rear to calm and, ultimately, to sedate me. I struggled to stay awake but surrendered to the heavy dosage, weighing me down and slipping me into another kind of darkness…..”

I highly recommend purchasing and reading this book. I loved it.

You can order the book at and

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

So, I will write and share a post every day during the month of September containing important facts, statistics and educational information about suicide and suicide prevention. The name of my campaign is called…

Remember in September.

Prevent suicide yesterday.

Today, may be too late.

Don’t let there be anymore “what if” or “if I only” yesterday statements.

Make your today never become a yesterday you will regret. 

Save lives. Talk about it. Don’t wait. Get help. Don’t let yesterday become too late.

If you have any stories or information about suicide prevention you would like me to share on my blog, please let me know. I would love to share any information you have. Thank you in advance for your contributions.

Together we can do this. It takes a village…

and this wonderfully beautiful blogging community…

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