Become Limitless With Mental Illness (a repost and a reblog)

For those of you who do not follow The Bipolar Writer, I highly recommend checking out his blog. I can safely say it is one of the best blogs, or is the best blog out there about bipolar disorder, anxiety and mental illness in general.

I am honored to be a contributing writer on his blog. I apologize that some of my posts will appear on both my blog and his blog. Not everything on my blog will appear on his blog, of course. I only try to publish the posts from my blog site that I feel might be a good fit to his blog. Something I think he might like.

I posted Become Limitless With Mental Illness on my blog about a month ago and thought I would share it with The Bipolar Writer. Today, I reblogged it from his site just in case one of you hasn’t seen it or read it before. Maybe it is okay for a reread. Nonetheless, I thought I would try to explain this confusing scenario.

This is a repost from my blog and a reblog from The Bipolar Writer. I hope you like it and I am sorry for the confusion. Possibly I am the only one that finds this slightly confusing. Afterall, I am easily confused. Hahaha….

The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Blog

People say your mindset determines your destiny. I believe that to be true to a certain extent. We do not know when tragedy will strike or what obstacles will present themselves before us. The only thing we can control, is how we react and handle life’s most difficult moments.

When you have a mental illness, I believe we have to fight harder for everything. We have to run an extra mile, just to go around a city block. We have to jump through hurdles just to get over a small bump in the road, and it feels like we are running through molasses to cross the finish line of anything.

Inner turmoil, distress and feeling like you are coming undone sometimes becomes part of the daily routine and battle to be conquered and won, before you can even begin to tackle and win the normal daily struggles. This daily inner turmoil…

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