And Yet I Smile

I ruminate too often,

inside my racing hypomanic brain,

thoughts constantly repeating,

over and over loudly inside my mind.

A negative riff stuck in my thoughts,

can become dangerous and unhealthy,

causing me to spiral downward and crash.

I must get the negative riff to stop,

and quickly replace negativity with positivity.

Permanently remove negative riffs from inside my mind,

and replace them with good, happy and positive riffs.

I have bipolar disorder,

and yet I smile.

I have PTSD,

and yet I smile.

I have no friends,

and yet I smile.

I lost everything in my life,

and yet I smile.

I have nothing,

and yet I smile.

I am lonely,

and yet I smile.

I do not have enough money,

and yet I smile.

I do not know how I will make it,

and yet I smile.

I am not sure if I can survive,

and yet I smile.

It is difficult to find joy within the pain,

and yet I smile.

Sometimes I feel hopeless,

and yet I smile.

My smile does not always come naturally,

and yet I smile.

I choose to smile.

I must smile.

My smile is my hope,

and so I smile.

I have hope,

I have faith,

I have God,

and that is why I smile.


King Ezekiel from the television show “The Walking Dead” (1 of my 3 favorite shows)

King Ezekiel’s speech “And Yet I Smile” from “The Walking Dead”(Season 8 Episode 4)

“A pessimist looks down and hits his head.

An optimist looks up and loses his footing.

A realist looks forward and adjusts his path accordingly.”

~Quote from Ezekiel from “The Walking Dead”



 “Just Survive Somehow”

~Quote from the “The Walking Dead”

Just survive somehow” (JSS) is another awesome, positive and inspirational quote and catchphrase from the television show “The Walking Dead.”

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  1. This is beautiful and I relate to it all. I have found God, love, friends and have enough of everything to survive; however, it was not always that way and yet I smiled. Thank you for sharing such a personal piece.

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