Bipolar Will Never Be the Flavor of the Month

Bipolar will never be the flavor of the month.

There is no sweet aroma of bipolar disorder causing you to want to take that first taste.

I cannot remember my first taste of bipolar, as it has always been part of my palate even before I knew what that horrific taste in my mouth and life was.

Soon this awful taste of bipolar increased becoming worse as I aged.

At the exact moment I gave birth to my first daughter, bipolar vomited all over me inside and out, spreading to everyone I knew, met, and saw. This bipolar vomit was everywhere and soon affected my entire life and everything I touched and tasted.

Bipolar has left a sour and bitter taste in my mouth and entire being.

Even when my severe bipolar symptoms dissipate, the awful bipolar flavor still exists lingering in my mouth and the back of my mind, never knowing when that putrid flavor of bipolar vomit will arise again.

I try not to remember the many different, but still all horrific flavors that bipolar caused in my life causing me to live through many dangerous and forever negative life changing struggles and situations throughout my life.

I fight to get rid of the awful flavor of bipolar which lingers on sometimes making me have bad breath. I do not want others to smell my bad breath of bipolar, so I try many methods to get rid of that odor. Using many different methods and taking many different types of breath mints to hide and disguise the foul odor and flavor of bipolar.

This helps some and soothes the taste for a while, but the breath mints do not last. My breath mints are refreshing at first and taste good for a while, but I need to continue to take more and more breath mints to cure my bad bipolar flavor of my life.

I try to hide the bipolar flavor and disguise it by using coping mechanisms and taking many breath mints to help eliminate my foul bipolar flavor left in my mouth from years of struggling to fight off the intrusive gross and powerful flavor of bipolar.

Part of the awful taste of bipolar is caused by the stigma of mental illness. Bipolar could become more flavorful if people would become more educated and aware of our illness and treat people with bipolar and other mental illnesses with kindness, respect, dignity, compassion and love, like we all deserve.

I dream of seeing seas of the color green, which is the color used to represent mental illness awareness, flooding our surroundings and taste buds, showing us that people do care,  understand and finally accept people with bipolar disorder and me.

I dream of seeing the NFL football players wearing green during mental illness awareness week in the month of October giving mental illness as much respect and awareness as breast cancer. I want to someday see green everywhere one Sunday on the NFL football fields. It is my dream and I hope one day it will happen.

Maybe than bipolar will become the flavor of the month…

or at least a week.

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    1. Thank you for reading and for your nice comment. I am happy you liked it. I need to start doing something to make it happen at the NFL. We all need to start working on this. It is so important. Too late for this year, but maybe next year. You never know. We must have dreams and it is my dream and it will only be a dream if we don’t start doing something about it to make it a reality for someday. Hugs, Sue

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      1. Thank you. I try very hard to have a positive attitude. some days are harder than others, of course. But I must be as positive as I can. It is always easy for me to be positive for other people, but harder for myself, of course. Thank you for your kind comments. I appreciate it. Keep shining brightly, Sue

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