Bipolar Depression Rang back into my Life (Daily Word Prompt is Lurch – “Lurch” videos included)

Depression, “You rang?!”

Unfortunately depression rang back into my life once again.

Depression rang my doorbell and entered back into my life uninvited and unwelcome.

Lurch’s deep booming loud voice is the sound I heard inside my mind as severe depression entered back inside the walls of my hypomanic mood state and life, stopping me from living the life I had been living.

Lurch opened the doors of my locked hypomanic mood state and let my ugly cruel severe bipolar depression monster beast enter once again inside my happy hypomanic mood pole and home within myself.

I was travelling nicely on my bipolar train ride in the right direction of my life, until my severe depression stopped me fast in my tracks and stopped my brain from working and functioning again, making me become immobilized and unable to live my life.

My ugly depression beast, caused chaos and turmoil inside my mind and body making my mind slow down and halted me from beinng able to live my life again.

I had not seen my severe depression for a while, but he came back to visit, lurching back into my life.

I was not happy to see him or greet him, remember him or know him again, but there he was forcing me to live with that deep dark ugly severe depression monster beast again. My brain shut down and I died within myself becoming frozen and unable to live the life I was living and wanted to continue to live.

Depression lurched back into my life causing my mood and all of me to smack hard and smash flat splattering onto the pavement into a million little pieces of nothingness.

Reminding me again that bipolar is relentless and will wreak havoc into your life when you least expect it and want it. Bipolar 1 disorder is a debilitating illness that can cause me to be unable to function and barely able to exist in the land of the living.

I left the land of the living to isolate alone unable to shower or do anything. I was stuck and still am, but slowly my depression beast is lifting slowly and I feel like I am gradually coming back to the land of the living.

My bipolar depression doorbell is no longer ringing and prayerfully I am on my way back home to my hypomanic mood state, where my mood ususally is and I am most familiar and comfortable living.

I pray the severe depression beast that always comes back to visit after my hypomanic crash will not ring my doorbell of life again, at least for a very long time.

I have had enough of you depression. Do not ring again and lurch back into my life.

For us older bloggers, here is a vary old blast from the past

and for you younger bloggers… this is just for fun…

do “The Lurch” with Lurch… hehehe… kind of funny.

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    1. Thank you so very much. I always appreciate your kind comments. Plus, I really needed to hear that right now. It is one of those kind of days so I grealty and truly appreciate and love you for the kind and awesome person you are. Thank you so much. Hugs, Sue


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