I Have Never Been Ordinary (Daily Word Prompt is Ordinary)

“What makes you different, is what makes you beautiful.”   –unknown

I have never been ordinary

nor do I ever want to be ordinary.

If I was a rainbow, God’s promise to us that the world would go on…

I would be a beautiful rainbow… but missing one hue.

Swimming in an ocean filled with sharks, I would be a dolphin.

In a group of brown bears, I would be a panda bear.

Stuffed in a container of pencils, I would be a pen.

In a fish tank filled with goldfish, I word be the beautiful Beta fish.

Running with a herd of horses, I would be a zebra.

Planted in a field of daisies, I would be a sunflower.

In a flock of sheep, I would be the black sheep.

Hanging on a wall full of photographs, I would be an abstract painting.

Living in a chicken coop, I would be the one that could lay the golden egg.

If I was a rainbow, God’s promise to us that the world would go on…

I would be a beautiful rainbow but with many more hues of vibrant colors.

If you could see my heart, you would see it’s goodness, kindness and love overflowing inside it.

If you could see inside my brain, it would confuse you and may scare you to know what it is like to live inside it.

When I feel people’s pain, I feel it to the point that their pain becomes my own.

When I feel, I feel too much.

When I hurt, I hurt too much.

When I talk, I talk and say too much.

When I speak, I speak too fast.

When I am happy, I am euphoric.

When I laugh, I laugh louder and more than others.

When I am, I am more than others.

If I had depression or mania, I would have both.

If I had an illness, I would have bipolar disorder.

I have never been ordinary…

nor do I ever want to be ordinary.

Ordinary… is not special.

I am not ordinary… so I must be special.




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