I Cannot Recall (Daily Word Post is Blur)

Sometimes my memory is a blur

with many parts of it being obscure.

Sometimes I cannot recall

easy information at all.

It seems my memories are hid from me to know,

trying to remember frustrates me very much so.

Memories of my past are gone forever as if the past never existed at all.

Sadly some of these memories are lost, leaving only an empty blank wall.

I wish I could retrieve many good memories from my past

replaying them often, storing them forever and making them last.

The part of my brain that stores memories of my past is just an empty blank shell

caused from the many life saving ECTs that changed my brain chemistry very well.

I will happily accept the side effect of memory loss caused from the many ECTs I had,

as ECT treatments and God saved my life and for that I am very blessed and forever glad.



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