Yay! I Got My First Book Review

Hurray. I finally got a review on Amazon for my new book SHAME ATE MY SOUL

Amazon-five-stars rating

Yay. A five star review. Praise God and this very fine gentleman.

This is what it said:

I could not put this book down. Susan is very talented at putting you in the story with her, so that at every step you feel that you are right there experiencing everything just as she is experiencing it. Her story is one of survival, perseverance, and faith. If you are struggling with mental illness or have someone in your life that is struggling, I recommend reading this book and learning from Susan’s experience. I gained valuable insight.

You have no idea how happy these very kind and positive words made me. I am singing (making joyful noises) and doing happy dances (joyful  movements) all day long. Thank you very kind sir for these kind and positive words. They made my day FOR SURE.

Here are a few happy quotes to help you have a happy and sunshiny day.

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My book is available on Amazon
and Barnes and Noble
as an Ebook and paperback.
Book Cover final flower


Photo credit: Photo of top featured image by Sofiya Levchenko on Unsplash

Copyright © 2020 by Susan Walz of My Loud Whispers of Hope



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