Find Your Heaven in a Cup – a poem and a song

I’m blessed to be alive,

so I continue to strive

to live in the moment.

Be here now.


I try not to fret

for what could have been

or wasn’t

or hasn’t been yet.


Stop any negativity from staying too long.

Nip it in the bud before it blooms and grows.

Each sunrise brings a fresh new start

to make today your best day yet.


Keep holding on, Never give up.

Find your heaven in a cup,


It’s nestled in the petals of a blooming red rose

or watching as your grandchild grows.


It’s in the rainbows or simple blue skies above,

hug from a friend or gazing into eyes of love.


It’s in the white wisps of an aged dandelion–make a wish,

or the dark chocolate taste of a marble cheese torte– so delish.


Wherever you find your heaven on earth lies,

hold on tight, never let go and hope will rise.


~written by Susan Walz


This song will make you smile and might even make you start dancing.

An oldie by Shaggy…



Photo by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash

© 2019 Susan Walz | | All Rights Reserved


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