That Girl – a poem and a reblog

This is a reblog of a poem I thought was very powerful and needed to be shared. This poem was written by Beckie from the blog Beckie’s Mental Mess. Please check out her blog. It is wonderful and she is a beautful delightful person. You will love her as most do. She is one of the BEST. Love you Beckie.

That Girl

Remember that girl who hated herself?

you know, the girl with no pictures of friends on her locker shelf?

the word is that people made fun of her all day long

made her feel as if she didn’t belong…

Well, that girl is not here in class today

because last evening she took her own life away.

Because of your selfishness, her heart was torn open

the escape of ongoing misery, her mind became broken.

Do you see what you’ve caused to happen last night?

that poor girl is now out of everyone’s sight.

Remember that girl?

She hated being made fun of, but you continued to taunt her anyway…

That girl thought the only solution was to take her own life away.

What if the shoe was on the other foot, what would you do?

just think of how she felt inside and what forced her to become unglued.

Never, forget that girl!


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