Post a Day in May For Mental Health Awareness – Post #2

Fill in the blank…

A _____________can make positive difference in someone’s life.

  1. police officer
  2. secretary
  3. politician (a good one)
  4. teacher
  5. banker
  6. McDonald’s associate
  7. Custodian
  8. homeless person
  9. pastor
  10. social worker
  11. student
  12. nurse
  13. car mechanic
  14. another addict
  15. boy
  16. girl
  17. man
  18. woman
  19. child

Anyone, anywhere can be the one to make a difference in the life of someone with a mental health or substance use challenge – if they know what to do and what to say.


Getting the Word Out

Mental Health First Aid teaches you how to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders in your community.
Be the Difference
Take a Course
Be an Instructor
Find out how by checking out mental health firstaid
Mental Health First Aid logo

Did you know:

  1. the United States, almost half of adults (46.4 percent) will experience a mental illness during their lifetime.

  2. 5 percent of adults (18 or older) experience a mental illness in any one year, equivalent to 43.8 million people.

  3. Of adults in the United States with any mental disorder in a one-year period, 14.4 percent have one disorder, 5.8 percent have two disorders and 6 percent have three or more.

  4. Half of all mental disorders begin by age 14 and three-quarters by age 24.

  5. In the United States, only 41 percent of the people who had a mental disorder in the past year received professional health care or other services.

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Every MAY I write a POST A DAY about mental health. Even though I have been so busy and have not written as much lately on my blog, I realize how important this month is to increase awareness and reduce the stigma of mental illness, addiction and suicide. I will try to add new material, facts and statistics but some of my posts and information will be from previous years as well.

I will be posting something important about mental illness every day throughout the month of May on my blog in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month.

Please keep visiting my blog My Loud Whispers of Hope and look for statistics or other beneficial information related to mental illness to increase awareness, educate, reduce mental illness stigma and prevent suicides.

It is crucial and imperative for all of us to get involved and save lives.

So, please visit my blog every day, but especially every day throughout the month of May.

Mental illness awareness and education can save lives.

Opening the dialogue about mental illness can save lives.

Sharing your story can save lives. 

Please see the following post about my campaign started last year and that I want to continue this year as well.  “There’s Glory in Sharing Your Story.” I need your help and hope you will be interested in participating in my new campaign. Thank you for checking it out and please let me know if you want to share your story and I will add your story to my blog. 

Much love and hugs, Sue

Please check out

“There’s Glory in Sharing Your Story” 

stories from last year.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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