Expand your Puzzle of Life

My puzzle of life was damaged and had many missing pieces.

I found the missing pieces of my life

and repaired my broken puzzle pieces

by gluing them back together one torn piece at a time.

After carefully reassembling the puzzle pieces of my life into a beautful picture,

I realized the missing and repaired pieces of my life

actually fit back together better than I imagined.

Take your time and learn to enjoy the process of finding the missing pieces of your life.

Carefully reassemble your puzzle of life one piece at a time.

Once the puzzle is finally put back together,

seeing your newly completed puzzle will bring great joy

and will fill your heart with a new love of life

you did not remember

or could never even imagine.

Always remember to add on to your puzzle of life–

keep your edges open and add more pieces,

expanding the beauty, love and brilliance of your life.

~written by Susan Walz

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