What Does the Research Say About the Effects of Long-term Use of Psychiatric Drugs?

Everything Matters

What does the research show about the effects of long-term use of psychiatric drugs?

Prof. Sami Timimi
child psychiatrist and visiting professor
University of Lincoln

hat tip and thanks to CEP (Council for Evidenced Base Psychiatry) for the video.

I’m reposting an article that was first published on Mad in America six months ago below as it’s appropriate to the topic of the video. I was on these drugs for over 2 decades. I am glad to be free of them now. I have more clarity of mind than I’ve ever known. I’m happy to be alive for the first time as well.

If I Had Remained Med Compliant…

. . . I would still be on a cocktail similar to the one I began to withdraw from 10 years ago now. I’ve withdrawn from:


  • 84 mg of Concerta
  • 50 mg of Seroquel
  • 200 mg of Zoloft
  • 400 mg of Lamictal

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