Happy Autumn. Fall Has Fallen – A Poem and Some Thoughts

Fall Has Fallen

Fall has fallen,

 football’s a callin’

and a cool brisk air

means it’s time to wear

sweatshirts and hoodies,

pajamas with footies,

fleece, flannels and plaids,

worn sweaters and old fads.

Warm infinity scarves,

 perfect pumpkins to carve.

Scarecrows, bonfires and apple pie,

warm colored leaves gently filling the sky.

Family gatherings at apple orchards

caramel apples and green striped gourds.

Fall is in the air

with no time to spare

for Christmas will be here

with eggnog and cheer

before I finished my Halloween

and everything else in between.

~ written by Susan Walz

Ahhh… football, sweatshirts, the warm colored leaves filling the Autumn trees. Leaves soon falling and floating to the ground. Warm cocoa, pumpkins, pumpkin flavored everything—pumpkin bars (I just made some this morning with cream cheese frosting – yummy), pumpkin bread, pumpkin Lattes. You name it. Apple pie, caramel apples, Oktoberfest in La Crosse, WI, Halloween and Thanksgiving turning into Christmas before we are ready.

I love fall. As I type this, I am wearing my favorite and oldest worn out Minnesota Viking’s sweatshirt. I am ready and happy for Fall. Are you? Or are you a summer lover and dreading fall because after winter follows fall?

Everyone has their season. I know it’s not typical, but I am not a summer person. I do not like summer. As usual, I am the minority. Always different than most. That is me.

I feel like I survived summer and I am ready for my favorite season, fall. I even like winter and love snow. I enjoy the peaceful serenity of the pure angelic glistening beauty that fresh fallen snow creates.

Before the snow starts falling, I will enjoy the exquisite beauty of colorful leaves that cover the bluffs I can see from my living room window in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The leaves have not reached their peak yet, not even close, but when they do it is spectacular, breathtaking in fact.

Enjoy God’s masterpieces in the artwork he paints throughout this season. I hope you have a great Autumn. Don’t let the falling leaves bring you down but instead let them renew and uplift your spirit.

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Let things go and start over…

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