Tears to Catch – A Poem

Tears to Catch

I saw the tear.

It was very near,

but I was too late.

It would not wait.

Another tear I could not save.

Another farewell, good-by wave.

I missed a few tears, when I was too ill

to catch their tears and keep them still.

Oh, the little I knew.

But, oh how I grew.

That was then. This is now.

Prepared to catch the tears they’ll allow.

Squatting with my catcher’s mitt ready.

Holding it out tight, strong and steady.

I’m a mother. Hear me roar.

Beyond proud, love and adore

my children, my miracles for sure.

Saved my life. Love steadfast and pure.

Renewed my spirit. Saved my soul.

Repaired with love. Filled the hole.

Renewed my faith. I’ve been truly blessed.

Blessed to be a blessing is a motto I like best.

~written by Susan Walz

Copyright © 2018 Susan Walz | myloudbipolarwhispers.com | All Rights Reserved



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