Sleep Glorious Sleep – a poem

Being unable to sleep

used to make me weep,

but now I can sleep

without counting sheep.

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Sleep is an essential glorious gift

that gives my mood a spectacular lift.

It’s necessary for mental wellness and health,

greatly increases positive emotional wealth.

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Now, I look forward to my slumber

and often snore loud logs of lumber.

My snoring is annoying.

So, others aren’t enjoying.

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From my dreaming,

I’m still beaming.

Active dream cycles,

icicles and bicycles.

Oh my.

I can fly

and dance and prance,

jitter and glitter,

wiggle and jiggle,

leap and sleep

and more galore

to adore some more.

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I can sleep

into REM sleep,

very deep sleep,

the best kind of sleep.

For many years sleep eluded me.

Racing thoughts and anxiety

filled my mind, day and night.

Sleep was out of reach and sight.

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Insomnia prevented me

from sleeping peacefully.

Psychotropic medications and sleep aids

inhibited natural sleep for two decades.

Now, I may enjoy sleeping too much.

Sleeping too long and often, and such.


alarm beeping,

waking me

from my


slumber full,

lumber full


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Now I can sleep.

a real sleep

that best kind of sleep.

The kind of sleep

that even creeps

and sneaks

up on ya

when you least expect it

at unexpected moments.

From all this writing, I feel the need.

I’m feeling sleepy. I’m sleepy indeed.

Oh dear, I need a nap.

Bye for now. That’s a wrap.

~written by Susan Walz

“May your angels visit you whilst you sleep, and bless you with beautiful dreams to keep.” ~unknown

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Copyright © 2018 Susan Walz | | All Rights Reserved





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