Things you Should NEVER Say to Anyone

Things you should NEVER say to ANYONE at any time.

Especially NEVER say them to someone living with MENTAL ILLNESS 

and NEVER say them to someone who is  having SUICIDAL THOUGHTS:

  1. Get over it.
  2. You are fine.
  3. You look good.
  4. You don’t look sick?
  5. You are too pretty to be as sick as you are. (Someone said that to me while I was in the Psychiatric hospital.)
  6. It’s all in your head. (Of course it is. My brain is in my head and mental illness is a brain disease.)
  7. Stop crying.
  8. I will give you something to cry about. (How many of us heard this as children?)
  9. Snap out of it.
  10. There is nothing wrong with you.
  11. It can’t be that bad.
  12. You’re not sick.
  13. You have nothing to be unhappy about.
  14. You have so much to live for.
  15. How can you be sad?
  16. What is the matter with you?
  17. How can you do this to your mother? or children? or… (fill in the blank)
  18. You are wasting yourself.
  19. You are wasting your life.
  20. That is stupid.
  21. You are wrong.
  22. You are lying.
  23. You are doing this for attention.
  24. He or she is doing this for attention.
  25. It doesn’t matter.
  26. You don’t matter.
  27. I DON’T CARE.
  28. I don’t have time for this.
  29. Shhh…. don’t talk about it.
  30. I don’t want to talk about it.
  32. You are selfish.
  33. You are only thinking about yourself.
  34. Suicide is selfish.
  35. It can’t be that bad.
  36. I know how it feels.
  37. I had it worse than you. (Never compare.)
  38. People have worse problems than you.
  39. There are starving children in India…
  40. Everyone gets depressed.
  41. You just have to let it go.
  42. I know “exactly” how you feel. (That is not entirely possible.)
  43. You need a hobby.
  44. Maybe it is just because you are getting your period.
  45. You are just hormonal.
  46. You are so dramatic.
  47. You are making a big deal over nothing.
  48. Why don’t you just get out of bed?
  49. Why don’t you do something fun?
  50. You need to make some friends.
  51. I am so tired of this.
  52. I can’t help you.
  53. There is nothing I can do. (There is always something you can do to help someone. Just be there. Lend an ear and/or a shoulder to cry on. Never leave someone who is feeling suicidal.)

No matter how difficult it can become to help a person who is feeling depressed or suicidal or is experiencing other mental illness symptoms, or is ill or sad for any reason, I guarantee that it is a million times more painful and difficult to be the person on the other end asking for help or needing help—the person who needs you—the person that needs your help.

Please be that one person in another person’s life that makes a difference. I have had many people who made a difference in my life and I will never forget them. Now, my goal is to be the person in other people’s life to make a positive difference and impact in their lives.  Let’s all try to make a positive difference and save lives. Together, we can do this.

“When you help people essentially you are helping yourself.” ~Susan Walz

What are other things you should never say to someone? What are other things you could add to this list? What are some things others have said to you?

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