Busy Like a Bee —That’s Me

Busy, busy, busy me… bzzzzzz… busy like a bee, but here I sit and write. My priorities may not be aligned right.

Today I write first. I prefer to write over what I SHOULD be doing. I am great at procrastinating and choosing not to do what I should be doing.

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I seem to work better under pressure. I don’t know that for certain but it is what I know and do best. Somehow it will get done when it has to be done. Not before but when it MUST be done.  I always get the things done that have to be done. Maybe not in the best possible manner and at the optimal time, but it will be done.

I do not want to do them right now. So I choose not to. It will happen and I will be so very happy on August 1st because I know many things I must tackle will be done because they MUST. My time will be done for them. I will accomplish my tasks out of necessity. Time does not stop and neither will I. Time urges me on.

The day and time will mean it will be done. Some way or the highway. I only have until then so I will be forced to finish. Yay. I cant wait until then and until then… I procrastinate…

I have been very busy and I am still busy.

Things have all been working out for good… because of God. Things have all been falling nicely into place for me and my children.

Many of you know I have a part-time job. About five years ago, my health started to improve enough for me to start working again at a part-time basis. It was a gradual progression of increasing hours and seeking employment to best meet my needs. I have been a professional job-getter and have gone through many jobs finding one what suits my needs best.

Just recently I started a new job again. I am a resident care associate at an assisted living health care facility. I plan to stay there for a long time. It is a great company and I am blessed to share love and help people. There is no better job than that. Helping others is what I do best. When I help people actually they help me. I get paid to give love.

The last three to four weeks, I was ending one job while beginning training at my new job. I have one more day of training  left and then I will begin working at my new job  normally.

Here is what has been going on in my good and busy life in a list format…

  1. Last week I took my Alexia to Minneapolis, Minnesota (about a three-hour drive) to the University of Minnesota for her college orientation. That was wonderful and beautiful and I am so happy about how it all went. I am excited for the new chapter in my daughter’s life to begin. She has been through a lot and has overcome a lot as she lived through the worst of my illness. She was with me through it all.  She is a very resilient young lady and I am beyond proud of her. She deserves the best in life. Alexia will be a college freshman this fall. Yay. Orientation complete. Check √
  2. New job training almost complete. Begin regular work with them on Wednesday. √
  3. My nephew is getting married this weekend. I will be going with all of me children and will be driving to Mankato, Minnesota which and is about a four drive. This will be a wonderful time. I am looking forward to it.
  4. I AM MOVING on July 31, 2018 and I have not begun my packing.
  5. I need to organize my loads and pounds of junk in my home.
  6. I must downsize my junk.
  7. I need to start packing.

Packing To-do List:

  1. Sort through papers.
  2. Throw away useless junk.
  3. Pack and organize for a garage sale next week.
  4. Pack some of my junk for a storage facility until I move into my own place.
  5. Pack to move in with my oldest daughter and son-in-love temporarily (I will                be staying there until my townhouse opens up. I am on the waiting list).
  6. Pack my youngest daughter Alexia up for college.
  7. Move Alexia into her dorm on August 27, 2018.

Yikes. That is a lot and I look forward to it being done. I look forward to my future.

Praise God for giving me a future and letting my future be golden.

Just a warning… My Alexia will be a Golden Gopher at the University of Minnesota so you might have to get used to the word “golden.” I may try to sneak the word “golden” in as often as I can…

Have a fabulously “GOLDEN” day!

“If you want to be happy, be.” ~Tolstoy

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