Bipolar Hits Hard Like a Heavyweight Boxer

Living with bipolar disrupts your life. Bipolar disorder stops you in your tracks. It is extraordinarily painful. You cannot control your moods. People think you can, but you can’t. You are alive and living life just fine one minute and then out of the blue bipolar hits you upon the side the head with a blunt force so hard it knocks you down. You can’t see straight. There is no warning. It just hits. Catapults you out of functioning. Knocks you down fast and hard flat on your butt.

The older you are, the harder you fall. The older you are the harder it is to get back up. I am getting older and it does seems like it is getting harder to get up after each hard blow and fall. However, through the years I learned better coping skills, valuable information and essential life skills that help me live with my bipolar and other mental illnesses. So now I don’t fall as hard and often as I used to.

Unfortunately, bipolar does not care how old you are. Bipolar can hit everyone and anyone hard. Bipolar is like a heavyweight boxer that hits you hard no matter what your age, sex, background, gender or nationality. Bipolar hits you as hard as Rocky Balboa or Muhammed Ali right in the center of your nose.

Bipolar’s hit startles you at first. A slow motion hit hard in your face knocking you down flat on your butt. So fast you didn’t know what hit you. After you fall, you gather yourself. Shake your head and come to. You realize what happened. You are pissed off that your darn bipolar hit you again. Bipolar is awful. It is here. It is back. You don’t know how long it will last or hurt you. Unsure how long it will take to get back up and angry that it is back.

Bipolar you are a beast. Bipolar, I hate you. Blank you bipolar. You robbed me of my life. You put stumbling blocks in front of me too many times. I am happy one minute and then, boom. You blind side me. You just blindsided me again and I do not like it.

My life goes well for a while. Signs of that bipolar punch were peaking through but not obvious. I got a new job doing home health care about a month ago. I loved it at first because I love the elderly gentleman I take care of.

Then someone or a couple of people hit me a couple of times with blows below the belt that bothered me. I didn’t like them, but I shook them off each one getting harder than the next. But, the last one hit too hard, right smack dab in the center of my trigger—my head. My trigger triggered me. Knocked me out cold. It still hurts and I can’t seem to shake it off yet. I must figure out how to get past the concussion from this blow. This bipolar mixed episode stopped me in my tracks today. It reminded me again how much bipolar sucks. I guess bipolar didn’t want me to forget. I was hoping my bipolar would stay away longer. My bipolar beast must have gotten lonely and decided to come back to visit me. Go away bipolar.

This is what bipolar looks like when it hits you.

This is what bipolar does to you.


Bipolar hurts.

Daniel Jacobs knocked out Giovanni Lorenzo in the third round of the debut of Monday Night Fights and in slow-motion it captured just how brutal a punch to the face can be…

This is what it looks like when bipolar hits you.

It hits so fast and with a force so strong you can’t see straight.

You do not know what hit you. It knocks you out.


And here is the knockout in real-time…


Hello my lovely friends and readers,

I wanted to let you know that I wrote this post about a month ago. I am doing well now and recovered from my bipolar boxing match. I ended up the winner. I survived another mixed bipolar mixed episode and became victorious over my opponent—bipolar disorder.

I knocked out bipolar… for now.

Hurray. The crowd goes wild. Loud cheers. A standing ovation.

Related image

I pray I knocked out bipolar for good. I always hope it is the last bipolar punch I will get but I am aware that bipolar’s left hook could blind side me again. I no longer live in fear but am aware of the dangers of bipolar.

Never forget how strong you are.

You can overcome bipolar, mental illness or any obstacle in your way

no matter where you are in the boxing ring of life.

~much love and hugs, Sue

Copyright © 2018 Susan Walz | | All Rights reserved




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