Post a Day in May For Mental Health Awareness – May 20th – The Best News

It is imperative I share the most important fact

and most valuable lesson

about mental illness and mental wellness.

That fact is…

There is HOPE.


One out of every five people in this world struggle with a mental illness.

If you are struggling, you are not alone and you are not without hope.

There is hope.

God is hope.


Please, please, please listen to these words. They are VERY important…

**Pass this video along and share the awareness and hope.**

© 2018 Saddleback Church 

**Pass this video along and share the awareness and hope.**

Hope says you are loved.

Hope says you have a purpose.

Hope says you belong.

Hope says you have a choice

Hope says you are needed

Hope says we can’t imagine life without you!

For more resources and encouragement connect with Saddleback Church’s Hope for Mental Health ministry at

Contact 211 for more information about mental health resources available in your area.

If you are wanting to talk with someone the suicide hotline is available 24/7.

Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

There is hope.

God sent me tell you there is hope.

He knows what you are going through and what the  future holds.

There is hope.

There is hope, so hang on.

As long as Jesus lives there is hope.

H old

O n

P ain

E nds

Image result for hold on pain ends

“When you think you want to disappear, all you really want is to be found.” ~unknown

I will be posting something important about mental illness every day throughout the month of May on my blog in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month.

Please keep visiting my blog My Loud Bipolar Whispers and look for statistics or other beneficial information related to mental illness to increase awareness, educate, reduce mental illness stigma and prevent suicides.

It is crucial and imperative for all of us to get involved and save lives.

Mental illness awareness and education can save lives.

Opening the dialogue about mental illness can save lives.

Sharing your story can save lives. 

Please see my post about my new campaign titled, “There’s Glory in Sharing Your Story.” I need your help and hope you will be interested in participating in my new campaign. Thank you for checking it out. 

Much love and many blessings. Hugs, Sue

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    1. Wow. You sure know how to cheer me up. Thank you dear. You are so kind and you made my day and made me very happy. Thank you for always saying such kind things to me. I appreciate you more than you know. Much love and many hugs, Sue

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