This is the Best Banana Bread I Ever Had – Nice Treat on a Not So Nice Bipolar Day

I reblogged this recipe. This is the best banana bread I ever had. I just made  it tonight. This recipe is fabulous and so moist. I will be making this all the time now. Yummy.

You should check out this blog. It is a fabulous blog and Namafish is absolutely the most amazing christian woman and she needs our prayers. Please pray for her.

On April 4th she had a massive stroke and is very blessed to be alive. She needs continuous prayer for healing and recovery. She is in rehab now at Rochester Mayo.

Namafish is actually my daughter-in-loves aunt and lives near me in La Crosse, WI. It is a small world. I never knew she was a blogger until recently. She is our blogging friend and part of our blogging community. Please pray for her and her family.

If you have time, please stop by her blog Namafish and leave her a comment. I think it would be great to comment on her last post. Please follow her blog to give her some followers. Say hello, leave her and her family a message, say a prayer and give her some love. She will prayerfully appreciate it when she is able to read her blog again and her family will love it.

Try out her banana bread recipe and tell her how awesome it is.

Her blog shares about her wonderful husband Papafish and her beautiful children and grandchildren, adoption, her faith, God, Scriptures, recipes, sewing and everything beautiful, like her.

I left a comment on her banana bread recipe post, but I have not left a comment on her last post. I will reblog her last post one day soon and I might share a little more about her story and her miracle in recovery and healing.


january 28, 2014 by nama 

This is a favorite ihave made for years, i thank my sister-in-law Jenn for the recipe.

 Kaydra’s boy, Cody, just told me “all you ever need to give me for birthdays or any other holiday is your Banana Bread.” Some of us love it with nuts and some not so nutty. i typically peel and keep my over ripe bananas in a large plastic storage bag in the freezer until it is banana bread day. Often i have so many bananas i will make 5,6 or 7 batches, part with nuts, part plain.

This bread freezes perfectly.

The batter freezes beautifully also and will give you fresh, warm perfect banana bread with little effort if you can get a few bags of batter in the freezer.

This is a heavy, moist ,rich and flavorful bread. We eat it as breakfast, dessert, snack and if…

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