A Reblog From Beckie’s Mental Mess – May is Mental Health Awareness Month! Share Your Experience and Blog Site

Beckie's Mental Mess

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and I’d like for all my blogging buddies to share the name of their site, and a few of you mental health disorders, in order for others to learn more about you, and mental illness.  Goal?  To break the stigma that is accompanied by Mental Health.

My name is obviously Beckie from (https://beckiesmentalmess@wordpress.com/)

I have Bipolar 2, Anxiety and Panic Disorder, Severe Insomnia, OCD, PTSD, and Suffer from Depression. 

Each and every day is an uphill battle to fight off negativity, and I try to accomplish this by posting positivity quotes, affirmations and share my story with you each week.  I also like to educate people about mental health awareness to better explain to people who don’t have a mental illness what it is like to have it.  I also want to break the stigma that haunts the people that do suffer from one form or…

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