Please Help Me With My New Campaign – “There’s Glory in Sharing Your Story”

May is Mental Health Month. Last year during the month of May, I made a post a day to educate about mental health and mental illness. With May fast approaching (so fast it is here already)  I might repost some of my posts from May of last year. If you would like to look at my posts from May 2017 you can go to my archived posts for the Month of May. Just click on the  ≡  symbol. Here is a link to my first post and second  post in May and a post from May 29, 2017 to get you started.


I started brainstorming ideas, so I could do something different and special this year in honor of Mental Health Month. I finally came up with my new idea. Here it is. I hope you like it and will want to participate.

My Story is My Glory

Your Story is Your Glory

Our Story is Our Glory

Your story is an account of past events in your life.

Your Glory is something that secures praise,

 worshipful praise, honor, and thanksgiving,

a distinguished quality or asset,

great beauty and splendor,

magnificence and a height of prosperity or achievement.

No matter what your story is,

you should be praised and honored for sharing your story,

for surviving the life you live,

and for the amazing person you are.

You need to be celebrated and I want to celebrate you.

Please help me

celebrate you.

May is Mental Health month and in honor of Mental Health Month…

I want to celebrate you by sharing your story on my blog.

During the month of May my goal is to share one story per day.

Please let me know if you are interested.

I am making a cheat sheet with the directions and will post it tomorrow.

The cheat sheet will have tips, suggestions and questions to answer to help you tell your story.

Tomorrow I will share and post my story to give you a sample and guide to help you share your own story.

When we share our stories it’s an opportunity to educate about mental illness, reduce stigma, reduce fear and reduce shame.  It teaches people what it is like to live with a mental illness.

When we share our stories, we show our support of others who may be going through similar struggles. It allows others to see that they are not alone.  We can share advice, suggestions and examples of what helped us the most to achieve recovery. Sharing our stories is very therapeutic for ourselves.

Sharing our stories will help more people feel comfortable about mental illness. It will fire up the conversations about mental health, which will ultimately help end stigma.

By sharing our stories we can be an inspiration to others to never give up. We can be an example of courage, strength, survival, perseverance and resiliency. By sharing our own stories we can help end stigma and save lives.

Please help me

celebrate you.

My Story is My Glory

Your Story is Your Glory

Our Story is Our Glory

“There’s Glory in Sharing Your Story”

stigma free

Copyright © 2018 Susan Walz | | All Rights Reserved




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