What My Psychiatrist Said About Being a Christian (worship videos included)

God saved my life many times. He continues to heal me and make me whole. Anything and everything good about me is from God.

My psychiatrist I had for years was a christian man and asked and said this…

“If I had two patients who had bipolar 1 disorder with many of the same features and characteristics, I prescribed the same medications and treatments for them, and one was a christian and was not, who do you think you would have a successful recovery?

The christian, of course.”

He was a kind, caring, compassionate and honest man who was a psychiatrist for over thirty years. He has seen and treated an astronomical number of patients over the years.  I believe him and know it to be true. I hope you do too.

I missed church this morning, so God and I had our own beautiful worship. God is so wonderful. He touches my heart and soul with love, peace, joy and beauty. Here are some of the songs I listened to and sang to made a joyful noise to. It made my heart happy. I hope it does the same for you.

One of my go to songs…

More beautiful worship music…

Please watch this video. It’s good and will get you thinking…


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