When Gifts Were Bestowed Upon Me

When the greatest of all gifts were bestowed upon me,

there were no packages or bows.

Nothing to unwrap, nor grasp.

Not even a card.

Nothing to discard.

There was so much more than that.

There was love,

so much love.

Indescribable love that will never dissolve or dissipate,

but only expand with each passing minute.

Three beautiful children to love, cherish and adore.

There is not greater gift than love,

and no greater love than children.

My three children are my greatest blessings.

My greatest joy.

My greatest achievements.

I love my children and gave them all of me and the best of me

to mold them into the best possible people they could be.

I pray I was a good mother.

I pray they know I love them.

I pray my everlasting love will always fill their hearts with love.

I pray they go out into the world knowing how amazing they are.

I pray they know how blessed they are.

One day we have to let our children soar free into this great big world.

Soon I must let my youngest child soar free and be all she can be.

I pray the world will be gentle and kind to her.

I pray she knows how beautiful and amazing she is.

I pray she goes out into this world with confidence.

I pray she lives a great big meaningful life.

I pray she is strong and will be able to overcome any obstacles that may get in her way.

I pray she knows how valuable she is.

I pray she finds her purpose and lives for it.

I pray her journey will be all she dreamed of and more.

I pray she will be blessed and loved by many.

I pray she will love many.

I bestow my greatest gifts and treasures onto the world.

I share them with you and the world.

I release them to the world and pray the world will love them as I would.

I pray this world and life will be kind to them and treat them well.

I pray my children always know and love Jesus.

I pray they live their lives for Jesus.

I pray they love and treat others like Jesus would.

I pray they have long, healthy, happy and rewarding lives.

I praise God for blessing me with the gift of my three children,

and for blessing me with two married into my life children.

I praise God for repeatedly saving my life.

Thank you God for my life.

~written by Susan Walz


Matthew 19:26  Jesus looked at them and said,

With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

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Copyright © 2018 by Susan Walz | myloudbipolarwhispers.com | All Rights Reserved




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