My Genie is No Longer a Weenie

My genie in a bottle is no longer a weenie.

If I drank, I would have a beer or martini.

He’s granted my wishes

in gold porcelain dishes.

My wishes fulfilled are many.

I’ve been blessed with plenty.

Do you want some? I can share.

I’ve got many wishes to spare.

Blessings, dreams and wishes come true

are multiplied by ten when shared with you.

Paying it forward keeps you from going in debt

and is the best kind of pay you can ever get.

When your genie in a bottle is no longer a weenie,

don’t celebrate your blessings with a beer or martini.

Instead pay it forward

and let love be your word.

~written by Susan Walz

“Like so many things, it is not what’s outside, but what is inside that counts.”

~Merchant, Aladdin

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Copyright © 2018 by Susan Walz | | All Rights Reserved


    1. I am very sorry you have had some bad days. I am delighted that my post cheered you up and picked you up in some way. My goal when I write is always to make others feel good or better. So my goal was achieved on this post. Thank you for your feedback. It is so greatly appreciated. Hugs, Sue

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      1. welcome! Today is better. I did some crying yesterday and that helped and I was able to get my butt out of the house today and to work, which always makes me feel better. Then I wonder why I stayed home all week lol. But – too many triggers. I had forgotten some things that had happened last week and then Sunday night had one horrific dream and wow I was down for the count til this morning. I’m happy that I am pushing myself out of it faster than ever before at least.

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      2. I am sorry I am so slow replying back. I am also sorry you have been going through some difficult times. I am happy you are doing better. It sounds like you got a good handle on things. That is great. I am happy about that. I hope you are continuing to get better. Hugs, Sue

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  1. Suzan, this is a lovely post! I am so happy after reading it and I am really glad you are doing so well.

    Sending love your way. 🙂


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