My Artwork – Prints For Sale (An Idea in Progress and Under Construction)

This page is a work in progress and is under construction. So, be careful and put your hard hat on…

I have decided to offer my art for sale. I have a lot more art to add and more ideas.

First of all, I sell prints of my work, note cards, notepads and notebooks with my artwork as covers. More information will be coming soon. If you are interested in buying an item, please send me an email and I will work out a price for you.

Later I will have prices, sizes and many more details included.

Also, I can draw anything you would like. I can draw from a photograph or picture of your choice. You just send me a photo or idea and I can draw it for you.

This is just a start. There will be much more to come…

Please look at my above menu periodically for new art, items, prices and more…

1. Unity (God meant for All His children to live life together in peaceful harmony.) – color pencil



2. I am Not Broken – Oil pastels



3. Progression of Life (this is a series of three pictures – the first picture is a mother holding her baby’s hand. Second picture is a mother holding her adolescent child’s hand and third picture is the adult child now holding his or her elderly mother’s hand.  Picture can be bought as a group or singularly – graphite pencil



4. Mental Illness Stigma (Woman crying green tears. The color green and the green ribbon is used to represent mental health awareness) – graphite pencil and acrylic paint



 5. Spring Has Sprung – watercolor paint


6.  Eye Wonder – graphite pencil




Female cardinal – the process (graphite and color pencil)

485754_428696310493092_408319189_n                                                                                         ⇑ 7. Female Cardinal – completed work                                                                                        (medium used – graphite and color pencil)

⇓ 8. Recovery – Graphic Art – Adobe Photoshop ⇓



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