My New Weekly “Friday Facts” Did You Know?

Did you know?

“Three pounds of flesh control your life. It’s your brain.” unknown

Sadly, did you know?

“Donations for cancer research total one billion dollars ($1,000,000,000) per year. Research for brain disease totals fifty million dollars ($50,000,000) per year and yet it affects twenty times (20X) more Americans than cancer!”  ~National Institute of Mental Health

We must end mental illness stigma.

Keep spreading the word about mental illness.

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  1. We have to fight this. It is a disgrace. I am 1,000 pct with you on this. I trying to find money to build our own nonprofit NGO via a foundation. If you’re up to it there more stuff on it on my blog and on myself. I am making this my last battle and I don’t like to lose.
    Peace, Lawrence

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      1. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. I greatly appreciate it. If you have bipolar or any other mental illness I am sure we do have a lot in common. I have found that writing and this beautiful blogging community is very therapeutic. It helps so much to know you are not alone. Getting feedback and insight from others who live with mental illness has been beyond helpful to me. I hope you are doing well and I hope you stop by again soon. Hugs, Sue


      2. I am bipolar II with an affective disorder and a severe anxiety disorder. I believe we do have a lot in common, especially in fighting for our cause. I don’t know if you have had a chance to look at some of my opinions.
        Indeed it is therapeutic to right, especially with this wonderful community who is helpful and supportive.
        I have just fallen back into depression (yesterday’s post) and I’m not at my best but will try to take one step and a time and keep reminding myself that it isn’t forever.

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      3. Sorry it took me so long to respond back to you. I took a peak at your blog and it is a good one. I followed you and commented on a couple of your posts. I made a couple of long comments on your blog. You should be proud of yourself for sharing yourself with all of us. Thank you for doing so. You should also be proud of yourself for fighting this illness. You are a strong and awesome survivor. I agree we do have a lot in common. I see what you are mean now. I will pray for you. I pray you will feel better very soon. Please reach out whenever you need to. I promise I will try to respond much quicker. Hugs and much love, Sue


      4. Thank you so much Sue for all your comments, words of encouragements and your beautiful compliments. Please, you don’t have to apologize at all, for anything. I trust your comments and value them as I value and respect your messages via your post. I am looking up to you as I am such a newcomer to this wonderful world of blogging. I believe someone has to do something about our rights and I am willing to dedicate the rest of my life to it. I will tell you more about my plans and visions once I’m back on track. Thank you so much for connecting with me. Hugs Lawrence

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      5. Thank you . It makes me very happy that That was a great compliment to say that you respect my writing. Wow. You made my day. It means a lot. I look forward to hearing your plans and visions when you are ready. You just do what you need to do now to take care of you. Keep fighting the battle. Your light will shine again. More hugs and much love, Sue

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