Slow and Steady Wins the Race – a poem

It’s a silly poem kind of day…

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Once again, I am frantic.

My body has become gigantic.

Grown and changed

and magically rearranged.

Displacing fat in new places

caused by liking yummy taste-es

Became soft and squishy.

unlike the scales on a fishy,

Feels like jello.

Can you say hello?

Holding my hands up in the air.

Need drastic measures. Do I dare?

Nah. That never works out well.

I have been there, done that and fell.

So, here I go again. Must do it right.

Knowing it can never happen overnight.

Slow and steady wins the race.

I wear determination upon my face.

Time to start after Easter Sunday.

I can do it. I will succeed one day.

~written by Susan Walz

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Hahaha… That was why I did not notice. Just kidding.

But, this also applies to wearing sweats. Oops.

Image result for funny diet

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Soon this will end. I am going to try to lose weight again. I know I will feel better, if I look better and am healthier. I need to be more comfortable in my own skin. I am not even talking about becoming thin, but just really needing to lose at twenty pounds first and then I will keep going after that. I can breathe a sigh of relief and be proud and happy after losing twenty pounds. Losing twenty pounds is my first goal. I am making a goal that is attainable and is a conquerable feat.

Anyone want to join me after Easter? We could compare notes and have each other’s backs and be each other’s cheerleaders. It always helps to have someone doing it with you. Help hold you accountable etc.

I am mentally preparing for Monday or Tuesday. Monday might be hard, as I will have Easter leftovers. I am so bad. I do have to be realistic though. Starting on Monday may be difficult for me as I will have too many good leftovers in the house. I am still going to do this. No worries.

I like my cooking and know I will have yummy foods in the house, like ham, cheesy potatoes, french silk pie and more. I love to cook, but the problem is I also like to eat what I cook. I am making a nice Easter dinner for my children. My children will all be with me on Easter and I am looking forward to that… A LOT.

I am very blessed. Thank you God. God is sooo… good.

I will diet after Easter. A promise to myself.

©Susan Walz of My Loud Bipolar Whispers


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