The Mental Illness Club – another poem

This club requires an exclusive membership, not just anyone can join.

Just the chosen as determined by fate.

Don’t be dismayed.

The foundation has been laid.

This club has a lifetime membership.

Once a member always a member.

You can’t leave.

there is no reprieve.

It’s not bad a place to be.

The members are kind and compassionate people.

Accepting by nature, because they wish to be accepted.

They know what it feels like to be shamed,

discriminated against and unjustly named.

Treated like an outcast, thrown to the side.

Fear, prejudice, leaving nowhere to hide.

The members understand each other in ways no one else can.

A beautiful unspoken bound,

nowhere else to be found.

Not a club people are knocking on the door to join,

instead a club where members bang to leave.

Banging and fighting to no avail,

cries ignored, the screams whale.

Soon the screaming ends as acceptance begins to sink in

with the realization that your fate is not your destiny.

Change your possible fate, to a fate that is full of possibilities.

This is an elite diverse group of people.

Very strong, wills of stone, courage of lions.

Kind and compassionate people,

 full of understanding and empathy.

 Traits enhanced from the lives they have lived.

I am happy to be part of such a beautiful group of people.

The lessons I have learned can never be replaced.

Never learned anywhere else,

except from where I have been.

Taught and loved by many special people I have met,

as a lifetime member of my mental illness club.

We meet in person, or now, in the virtual world of this beautiful blogging pub.

(no alcohol that I am aware of)

~written by Susan Walz


Please see another poem I wrote today titled “Psycho is Not Micro.”

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    1. Ah ha.Very good point. Thank you for reading and commenting. I posted this one with a little apprehension because I was not sure how it would be perceived saying mental illness “club” and all. It is a little different, but so is my thinking… hahaha…. I love that you commented and that you liked it. Made me happy. Hugs, Sue

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