Patience is More Than a Beautiful Word

Patience is more than a beautiful word.

When spoken it feels like a song,

giving you a sense of calmness

from the beauty of its cadence.

Whispering encouragement

when repeated in your mind,




The word itself has a calming effect on your soul.

Patience is more than a beautiful word.

Patience is a virtue,

a beneficial quality and power,

an inner strength

of courage and resiliency,

a faith in the unknown.

You stand in a line waiting for your turn.

Never knowing how long it will take, you still wait,

knowing eventually you will be next.

This holds true for life.

We stand in a virtual line waiting, sometimes never knowing when the sun will shine again, but we have faith that one day the sun will shine brighter than it did before.

God holds us carefully in the palm of His hands, until we are well enough to be put back down and released to live our lives again.

Faith is knowing God is always with us, whether we feel His presence or not.

When we have faith, we just know.


slowing down,

having hope and faith,

knowing that one day the sun will shine again.

One day your impairments will be repaired,

and the beauty is realizing your impairments do not impede you at all.

Instead they greatly enhance your beauty, strength, courage, resiliency and compassion.

Imperfections exist only in your mind.

Turn your adversity into prosperity,

and your misfortune into a fortune.

Improve your imperfections,

and become perfectly flawed.

Patience is having the determination to keep fighting,

even when you do not have any strength.

Patience is knowing your life will one day get put back together ,

after you have completely come undone.

When there is no adhesive holding you together,

you know one day, somewhere, somehow your pieces will be put back together.

Patience is waiting until the glue adheres strong enough,

so you will not come undone again.

Patience is waiting without complaining and rushing.

We must take our time and wait for the signs of repair to begin.

When we are ready to fight, we must keep fighting, knowing that life will improve.

Patience is necessary for my survival.

Life will happen again.




Patience is more than a beautiful word.

~written by Susan Walz

“Happy is the person who learns to wait as he prays and never loses his patience,

for God’s time is the best time.” ~unknown

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