Cherish Brevity. Covet Not Quixotic. – A Reblog

I love this… a new way to think of our journey of life, our future, forever, eternity and our life after our time on earth.

What's Inside a Madman's Hat?


Our fists clenched, shaking ’em at the sky,

with a flood of irrational emotions, we cry.

Damn this existence of human life’s brevity,

We marvel the idea and covet longevity.

What would we do with an eternity, if we had it all?

We couldn’t enjoy memories, there’d be too many to recall.

Truth being, the only way you can appreciate life, or love anything,

is the notion that you can easily lose it, as it dangles from a string.

It’s just a fact that you long for more time only because it’s not infinite,

If you could say “I love you” for eternity, would you ever really say it?

It’s just the way it goes and there’s no way to stop the motion of science,

the stages are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and vital acceptance.

As we grieve the end of a loved one’s journey,

hopefully, you spent that time…

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      1. You are talented enough to write a book. One day you could do it if you want to. I think you should. Until then, please keep sharing your incredible talent and gift with all of us in this great big beautiful blogging community. Hugs, Sue

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      2. Aww that is the sweetest. Thank you. The idea is there and it’s fueled more and more each time I’m told to. My mom said it, and I thought she was just being a mom and after I told her that people said I should be published, she said “see? I wouldn’t Bull$%&# you” haha Thank you so much for the encouragement. It truly means a lot.

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      3. Your mom is right. Us moms know what we are talking about. My children say similar things when they hear praise from me. Yes, we are moms, but we also do not lie. We speak the truth and would never want to give false or unrealistic hope. Let me know when your book is done. I will buy a copy. I look forward to reading it.

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