My Costume of Wellness

I wear a costume of wellness, even when I am not well.

Sometimes my costume of wellness becomes tattered and torn,

my bipolar shows through and can no longer be disguised.

Sometimes my bipolar symptoms become too severe,

so I can no longer wear a costume of wellness

to hide my pain from the outside world.

Mania, severe depression and suicidal depression become too difficult to hide.

Sometimes my costume of wellness does not fit at all.

Sometimes I am incapable of putting on my wellness costume.

Sometimes I can not even get dressed.

Sometimes I cannot even get out of bed.

Sometimes I do not want to live,

or even take a breath of life.

There is no costume for that.

~written by Sue Walz

I wish I never had to wear a wellness costume.

I wish I was well.

One minute at a time is all I can do today.

Love and hugs, Sue

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